Where to Farm Savage Leather

Are you a skinner? If so, you might be missing a big opportunity if you’re not farming Savage Leather. This stuff sells quick on the auction house and I’ve seen it selling on some realms for over 200 gold a stack. Here are my two favorite farming locations for Savage Leather. You can go to either Kelp’thar Forest in Vashj’ir or if you’re level 85 head to northern Twilight Highlands.


There are eels, crabs, sea turtles, sharks and groupers (fish) all over Kelp’thar Forest, all of these can be skinned. If you have the underwater ground mount from questing in Kelp’thar, you should head here to farm Savage Leather. In the north, there are Splitclaw Skitterers and Slitherfin Eels. In the south there are Sabreclaw Skitterers, Speckled Sea Turtles, Ravenous Threshers and Glittergill Groupers.

Twilight Highlands

There are four different mobs that you can skin Savage Leather from in the northern highlands of Twilight Highlands, they include Highland Elk, Tawny Owl, Highland Worg and Untamed Gryphons. There is an abundance of these spread out on the highlands and together they are one of the best places to farm Savage Leather.

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